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We are always ready.

Squids Visual Arts studio is, in fact, a growing medium sized studio
but our readiness and robustness are completely independent of our size.
we do have our own render farm facility that helps us deliver on time without compromising quality.

We are also working on making and building our own
photogrammetry studio that is capable of creating high-end 3D scans out of any object or even a human being.

Motion capture systems are being tested and in the process of creating a solid and robust pipeline to make use of the mocap data efficiently.

Squids Arts are always caring about their client's confidence when it comes to shooting scenes with visual effects implementation thus we send our VFX veterans on set to provide technical help using our superior technical equipment.

we own 30 machines each with 16 cores of processing power and our setup is continuously growing.

our motion capture system is capable of delivering accurate human motion to be used with any CG characters.

our 64 DSLR cameras beta photogrammetric rig will be able to deliver high end accurate 3D scans of anything.

On set supervision

we provide HDRI capture solutions for 3D relighting techniques.

we do provide LIDAR scans for the sets if needed.

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