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Magic wands are our brushes

Squids Visual Arts is a growing Visual effects studio based in Cairo Egypt.

We "Squids VA" are experienced CG artists with wide range of experience in all art categories, we deliver high-end output using top-notch technologies and techniques, creating art from start to end ( storyboarding, pre-vis, concept art, 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting and shading as well as compositing and motion graphics )

we also provide full post services for unusual mediums like stereoscopy and virtual reality content.
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Our portfolio demonstrates our contribution in every production stage, working closely with our filmmaker clients to provide supervision and visual effects production; and offer a vast variation of visual effects from computer-generated imagery and compositing to breathtaking digital effects.

Technical Capabilities

Since our beginning in 2016, we steadily enhanced our ability to handle a wide range of work, always working on many projects simultaneously.
We are able to do this because we provide our talented VFX artists with great tool, while focusing on consistently developing our production pipeline. 
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3D Total

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39th Cairo Film Festival 2017

Our work was shown on the big screens 

in 39th CIFF for the masses.

Kinoproba Film festival 2017

Our work was shown on the big screens 

in Kinoproba festival in Russia.



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